How to Determine the Value of Your Car in Perth?

Are you out on the hunt looking for a new car? That’s understandable if your current vehicle has finally reached junk status. Even if your current automobile is still running, and for whatever reason your needs aren’t being met by it, no-one will judge you for wanting to get another more practical set of wheels.

The first thing you need to do, however, is sell the current car. This is not an easy process by any stretch of the imagination. The share tedium that is involved might even leave you feeling like the old vehicle you have is actually good enough. But you mustn’t let the process break you down.

Once you get the hardest part done, the rest will seem to fall into place. And that part is determining the price of your car. Making it too low and you’ll be losing money once you sell it. Make the price too high and you will find the customers running in the opposite direction. The following are some handy tips for making sure that you don’t screw this up.


Take Note of Your Car’s Make and Model

Looking at what the make and model of your vehicle is will give you a basic idea of what the value of your car is. The newer your vehicle is, the more accurate this figure will be. But it still needs to be considered within the context of other considerations.

Take Note of Your Vehicle’s Odometer

Looking at the year the vehicle was made in will tell you how old it is, but two identical vehicle’s that have driven vastly different amounts of kilometers in their time, will be in completely different levels of condition. That’s why looking at the Odometer as well as the year of manufacture will give the clearest idea of how much the car has “aged” over time. The higher the odometer reading, the less value your vehicle will have.

Take Note of Your Vehicle’s Maintenance History

If your car’s been in the shop for a lot of repairs over its lifetime, this will reflect on the kind of problems the vehicle will have in the future. Recurring problems tend to lower the value of a car. And the same goes with damage sustained from minor to serious accidents.

Take Note of your Vehicle’s Overall Condition

This consideration is for the internal working parts of the vehicle such as the engine and so forth, as well as the outside. Are there any scrapes and dents that you didn’t repair? All of these things will affect the value.

The main thing to remember is that things can get fixed. It might make you get a lot more in return for the sale if you spend just a few bucks getting any problems sorted out. The main conclusion to draw from all this is that the value of your vehicle isn’t written entirely in stone. But you do need to put some effort in if you want to sell it for top cash.

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