The ultimate guide to used car reviews

Buying a used car can be daunting, with the tyranny of choice in full force, offering up a veritable smorgasbord of possible purchase prospects. Thinning the field down to a smaller number makes a lot easier by the existence of used car reviews. It does help, however, to know a few things about them so you can get the most out of them. It will make buying a used car a more hassle free process.


Search Specific Keywords

If you type general terms into the search field, your results will be in the thousands. No-one has time to read through all of those used car reviews. Think about what make and model specifically interest you, and type it in. The search result may still be large, and if you want, you can add your country and region to narrow the field further, but it will be much easier to sift through.

Cross reference

Read a few different reviews, remember what has been said in each one and look for patterns and recurring complaints/praises. As this process is based upon access to primarily anecdotal data, the information is prone to personal biases and preconceptions. It’s important to factor in the subjective nature of reviews in general, and read at least three for any one specific type of vehicle in order to gain anything close to an objective picture in your head as to the true nature of this particular make and model.

Take note of the source

If you are reading a review of a particular brand, and it’s on a site that is essentially run by a company that is in direct competition with it, then there is a good likelihood that you are reading a hit piece that will not be a genuine look at the cars pros and cons. It will probably be a negative review, is what I’m saying here. Used car buyers in Perth should always beware of this.

Beware of biases that muddy the waters

That’s just one example of how the place you’re getting the review from can be an influence on the content. There are plenty more things that can poison the well, such as politics and brand loyalty. Beware of these confounding variables, and try to find sites that seem to have no affiliations of any sort.


Don’t lean too heavily on reviews

Reviews are a guide, sure, but they aren’t gospel. Nothing can trump personal experience. Make sure to actually visit a used car lot, check the vehicle out with your own two eyes, and even take it out on a test drive. This will be the cherry on the top of all your research efforts, and will ensure that you will end up purchasing the used vehicle of your dreams.

In conclusion, looking up used auto reviews is a great way to navigate the world of people looking to get cash for used cars, and ultimately choosing the best vehicle for yourself in the process.

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