How Much Is a Car Worth After an Accident?

Car accidents have been occurring for as long as cars have been around. They can be life changing calamities, minor annoyances, and anything in between. If you have a major car accident, it will be more than likely be somewhere in the middle.

A bang up where the vehicle is written off but no-one is hurt. If this happens, one thing you will want to find out is how much the vehicle in question is worth, as you will want to get rid of it.

How a Vehicle’s Worth Is affected By an Accident

Accidents that write cars off for good tend to be huge disappointments. That vehicle was your main form of transport, and you sunk a lot of love and care, not to mention money, into keeping it maintained. Now it is a mere shell of its former self. Maybe you had it fixed only for it to break down again and again. Or perhaps it is too expensive to get fixed.


Whatever the specific details relating to your situation happen to be, here is how to figure out how much you will be able to sell it for if you have decided to do so.

The Level of Damage the Accident Caused

If you want to know the most important detail that will affect your car’s value, it is how bad the accident was. The answer isn’t as simple as you may think, but it will play a huge part in figuring out how much your vehicle is worth. If you have had a minor accident that has only resulted in broken headlight, you won’t even need to sell it. You can just have the headlight repaired.

But if whole panes have been completely wrecked, or the suspension has been destroyed, your car’s value has been impacted a whole lot. This will mean something even after taking it to the repair man and getting it fixed to perfection. It will still be worth up to thirty percent less as a result of having had the accident.

Having been in an accident also affects how prospective buyers will respond to the car. They will be less likely to buy it. Don’t go thinking that you can be dishonest and not tell them. Even if they don’t catch you out, it is just plain wrong to mislead people like that.

If Repairs Aren’t Made

If a car has been banged up severely, it is possible that repairs will not be worth it. You can figure out whether this is the case by employing some math. Get a price quote from Hazara on how much the repairs will cost and compare it to how much the car is currently worth. If the repairs cost more, you are better off just selling the vehicle and get a replacement.

Certain parts are more expensive to repair than others. This includes the transmission and the engine. If they have suffered massive damage, you may as well sell the car. Get in touch with your local cash for cars Perth service and sell it to them!

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