5 simple ways to make your old car feel like a new one

Many vehicle owners spend a lot of time in their cars, whether driving their kids to school, going to work or for carrying the groceries to home. But when a car gets older it looks a bit shabbier, most of us grow tired of it and think of upgrading it with a younger vehicle. However, there are many vehicles from popular manufacturers that will run perfectly well, even after getting older, particularly if they are maintained properly.  

If you are looking to sell an older car that is working fine but is in a poor-shape, you might need some great tips to make it look like a new one. Here we have listed some easy ways to enhance the looks of your old car and make it look awesome.

Clean and maintain your car

There is nothing as good as having a properly cleaned vehicle. This will help you to win the confidence of your potential buyers and get a great deal. If you are looking to sell your vehicle for good cash, it doesn’t have to be brand new. But it is highly important to keep it dirt-free, clean and glistening. All this will help you to keep its appearance looking awesome and preserve its value.

Replace your seat covers

If you have a vehicle that has torn or stained seat covers, it may be the worst thing about your automobile. Especially, if you are planning to sell it, you should throw some money in new seat covers to improve the looks of its upholstery. There are a variety of seat covers available in the market with different colors and styles. You can get any style from classic muted tones, tropical flower prints, and camouflage printed seat covers. You can easily choose one that is best suitable for your seats.

Get a steering wheel cover

The cover of your steering wheel often gets worn out due to extreme weather conditions. As most of the time our automobile’s are parked in the scorching hot sun. As a result, the cover not only gets old and faded, but it has also become difficult to hold it properly. A good quality steering wheel cover can help you drive your vehicle conveniently. It can also make it comfortable to drive your car in extreme hot or cold weather conditions. So, your hands will not get burnt when driving on a hot summer day and you can even drive conveniently in frigid conditions.

Get a new air freshener/perfume for your car

Sometimes we are welcomed by an awful smell. When we drive our vehicles, particularly in extremely hot weather conditions. During the hot days, a vehicle’s interior smells very nasty. Especially if you are a person who smoke or forget food inside the vehicle. If you use air fresheners or perfumes it can make your car’s interior smell pleasant and make it more welcoming for your family and friends. However, make sure not to choose a freshener that smells too strong or sweet. This is because auto perfumes that are sweet smelling, often feels overpowering in hot weather. You can try lighter and refreshing air fresheners or perfumes like bamboo, citrus, earthy or fresh linen scents. 

Repair the car’s headliner

It is also a great idea to put some efforts and money in replacing or fixing a sagging ceiling liner. If you don’t have adequate know how. You can take help from online videos or auto repair forums. When you think of replacing it, you will need to pull out the headliner board and place a new fabric inside it. You will also need a new liner, screwdrivers, and hardware to fix it.

Also, make sure to get a foam-backed fabric that is similar to the fabric. That is currently covering your vehicle’s ceiling and approved by your auto manufacturer. When you see any area in your ceiling that has just started to sag. You can use some thumbtacks or staples. However, if your ceiling looks very shabby. You can get the whole liner replaced with the help of a professional.

If you are expecting the decent cash for cars while trading your vehicle with the new one, you have to look after these tips and tricks, Good luck!

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